Wedding Photographer …….. Not.


I’ve shot a handful of weddings over the years.  Always as a friend or family member helping to keep expenses down.  Never charged anyone and I’ve always cautioned that I’m not a wedding photographer and not to expect professional results.  I’ve had varying degrees of success.  Of course most who request this kind of help just want some memories and even snapshots can provide that.  My son Gabe was the latest victim of my kindness.  He and Erika went through a fast wedding planning process (roughly a month) and Erika’s brother and I provided photographic services.  When I hear what most professional wedding photographers ask for their services it always seems exorbitant ……… and then I go through one of these exercises and I get just a clue of how much hard work is involved. 🙂  But it was challenging and fun and it was a great wedding.